BC Transit shelters

When we developed the winning designs for BC Transit’s bus and rapid-transit shelters, we consulted the people who actually use them. The dramatic results feature BC wood products and provide shaded comfort to riders, clear sight lines for drivers, simple onsite assembly, and a corrugated, perforated aluminum panel that is vandal-resistant yet light and airy.

There are several versions of these shelters, designed for various local requirements.

Fuel cell testing station

Hydrogenics, a manufacturer of advanced fuels cell power systems for buildings, came to us to assist with the design and build fuel cell testing stations. The final design resolved complex issues of size and weight, as well as electrical and chemical safety factors. We were the exclusive suppliers for the prototypes and production units for the life of the product line.

Typical Projects

  • Transit shelters
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Architectural structures and detailing
  • High-technology fabrication (enclosures and fittings)
  • Traffic control enclosures
  • Signage for commercial, retail and traffic control use
  • Decorative fixtures for retail applications