Our Services and Capabilities

Collaborative design and development

Unlike mass manufacturers, we specialize in creating or modifying a design to your specific needs. Whether your objective is weather-resistance, extreme durability, vandalism deterrence, ease of shipment and assembly, or complementing an existing design—or a combination of these, talk to us. We will respect your design vision, while contributing our knowledge of metalwork and manufacturing.

Custom design and prototyping

We can provide consultation on design, materials and assembly, and collaborate with designers, architects and engineers, from CAD designs to prototypes. We are equipped to custom-design and manufacture components and parts, from a variety of materials, to extremely close tolerances. Our designs are typically based on precision metalwork and sheet metalwork, but also utilize wood products, glass, lexan and other materials as required.

Manufacturing, logistics and shipping

The Tara Precision facility is equipped and capable of producing components on a manufacturing scale, sufficient to provide, for example, transit shelters for large metropolitan regions. We manufacture, assemble, and ship from the same facility, and apply the same rigour to our shipping as we do to our metalwork: our kits arrive onsite with every component included, right down to the bolts and washers. Our assembly, testing and shipping procedures are integrated though the Six Sigma process, utilizing Exact Software’s JobBOSS, a world-class project and factory management system.

Service and support

To serve our transit clients, we can manage the local assembly of shelters and structures, including the provision of custom-precast concrete pads. We can also contract for long-term service and maintenance, to maintain the shelters’ appearance and protect advertising revenue.